Our studio is schooled in many forms of visual expression, each in service of revealing what we call the larger truth of major projects. Beyond the literal descriptive value that is portrayed by beautiful illustration, we strive to convey the essence of the spatial experience inherent in the design.

Whether we are pre-visioning how a structure will “occupy” its environs, or how the users of that environment will experience its character, the artists of studio amd are preoccupied with the visual potential of each of our assignments. We identify that potential, and then exploit its singularity across all the assets that we are commissioned to create.

Major disciplines

Many firms are competent in accurately portraying the design architecture of important projects, but few firms can imbue those portraits with the individual character and personality that the architect and their clients foresaw in their design vision. Bringing the unbuilt environment to life is the core business of studio amd.

studio amd is highly regarded in the art of architectural film & animation. We apply the same rigor and aesthetic to the moving image as we do to our signature stills.

In a world where media is increasingly consumed through mobile and tablet devices, studio amd is constantly seeking ways in which we can leverage these interfaces to create innovative new forms of architectural representation, while still maintaining our commitment to carefully crafting each view we create.