Bring a new dimension to your development presentations.

Our powerful, customizable 3D visualization software can transform your mobile device into a cutting-edge communication tool.

Explore with Interactive Views

Immerse yourself in a space before it is constructed with our panoramic 360° viewer. Move through your project's key spaces in an interactive 3D walkthrough.

With interactive imagery, you can see and present your design projects in a whole new way. Your mobile device becomes a window into proposed spaces, rendering architecture in photorealistic detail. Allow your clients to experience new buildings from their perspective, while you choose which spaces and details they can explore.

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Expand with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) Technology displays 3D content in relation to real world objects. Using a mobile application with AR technology, you can see and interact with transformations of your surroundings in real-time.

Virtual content is overlaid onto a view of your environment to add new layers of information to an image or a built space—imagery that can animate, respond, and reveal additional features as you move around it. Augmented Reality tools offer a compelling, versatile, and portable way to bring 3D models into the room with your clients.

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Engage with Custom Mobile Applications

Our custom applications leverage the intuitive interfaces of mobile devices to create a natural, interactive presentation tool. Using a handheld viewer, you can swipe, tilt, tap, or gesture to move through virtual spaces and access project information.

Custom-designed interfaces allow you to present your design in context, with rich media overlays of video or web content building the story. The graphic design of each application is customizable to reinforce your branding strategy and connect with the rest of your presentation materials.

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Custom Solutions, Managed Distribution

Our studio will work with your team to develop a narrative strategy, user experience, and graphic identity for your interactive application. Our experienced artists can build upon your existing drawings and models to create artwork for both mobile and web platforms.

Distributing media through applications creates the opportunity to update your content over time as your project evolves. Whether you choose to share your projects with a small group, present to your clients one-on-one, or broadcast your work publicly, we can coordinate distribution and updates of applications online and on your team's mobile devices.

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studio amd is an award-winning architectural visualization practice with over twenty years of experience crafting imagery for the world's premier architectural firms, real estate developers, and cultural institutions. Our team of talented artists offers expertise in architectural illustration, 3D modeling, filmmaking, web design, and mobile software development. We are focused on developing novel interactive media services that extend our strong artistic practice, maintain the highest quality of visual representation, and deliver cutting-edge technology to our inspiring clients.

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